Ripple Bowl


Ripple Bowl

Ceramic, Glaze Δ10

Approx. 3″ x 5″

Not for Sale

Small glazed candy bowl with contoured grooves and fluted edges. Its concave base is also fluted and contoured



Weathered Naturals Collection

Inspired by a woodland walk, corroded and weathered color glaze combinations on small stoneware containers, and a few decorative ceramic icons. Please note that the cups and bowls are not food safe.

Sea Florals and Corals by Lucy Lowry

Sea Florals Collection

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Sea Florals and Corals by Lucy Lowry

Sea Florals and Corals Chalk Painting

Northeastern Turbulence

Northeastern Turbulance

Glazed Stoneware
Approx. height 5 1/2″, Approx. width 12″ to 18″

This 3-piece sculpture was awarded Honorable Mention at the Juried Summer Student Art Exhibition 2014. It is currently on exhibit at University of Texas at Tyler, Cowan Center, Meadows Gallery. [May 6 to August 15, 2014]